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Welcome to Ellen Page Daily, your best and most up-to-date resource for Ellen Page! The 28-year-old Canadian actress is best known for her breakthrough performance in Juno and fantastic films such as The East, Inception, Whip It and Hard Candy. Her latest must-see film X-Men: Days of Future Past has just been released on DVD/BluRay.
Ellen is heading into this year as a Producer with her next two films; Into the Forest and the long-awaited gay rights film Freeheld, in which she also stars.
Here you will find the latest news, photos and more. Thank you for visiting!

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    Ellen Page talks about the carnival in Brazil. For her LGBT Documentary Gaycation.
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Jun 27, 2015
Ellen Page Would Like to Get Married One Day (Variety Exclusive)
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Ellen Page made headlines last year when she came out of the closet at 26, which is still a rare occurrence among younger actresses. Shortly before the landmark Supreme Court decision on Friday that legalized gay marriage, Page talked to Variety about how Hollywood helped pave the way for LGBT rights. The Oscar-nominated Juno actress will next play a lesbian in the upcoming drama Freeheld, which opens on October 2.

Variety’s 106-page marriage equality special issue includes more Q&As, including ones with Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Murphy.


How has your life changed since you came out?

I’m happier than I probably could imagine. Now it doesn’t feel like I was ever not out. It’s hard for me to imagine not existing in the way that I’m existing now. It boggles my mind that it seemed so difficult and so impossible. I wish I’d done it sooner, quite frankly. Some dark cloud has completely evaporated, thank goodness.

But it makes sense that it was difficult.

There are still not many young people out in Hollywood. There’s this narrative that people are attached to: You cannot come out because it’s going to hurt your career. And that’s potentially true. When I made the decision to come out, I wasn’t naive to that. Particularly when you’re in your late 20s and becoming a woman. First of all, there aren’t that many roles for you. And second, the roles that do exist, you’re specifically a device for the male character or you’re hypersexualized in regards to the male gaze. For whatever reason, people can believe straight actors playing gay roles, but there’s this idea they can’t believe gay actors playing straight roles. And for me, it got to a point where it didn’t matter.

How has your career changed?

I was feeling uninspired, and lost the love and joy I felt in making films. I’m gay — of course I want to play gay characters. To have the freedom to pursue that without any anxiety is nice.

Has coming out affected the other roles you’re being offered?

I don’t know, because I’m not in rooms when people are having discussions like that. But I don’t really care, to be honest.

Do you feel like Hollywood has advanced the acceptance of gay rights and marriage?

For sure. Aside from all the silliness of Hollywood and what we do, stories are told that are really important, and that touch people and transform how they feel about things, whether it’s been “Philadelphia,” “Brokeback Mountain” or “Milk.” And I think it definitely can change minds and push things forward.

Why haven’t there been gay hits since “Brokeback Mountain”?

Whenever you’re telling a story about a minority group, it’s potentially not as appealing because there’s a feeling it’s not going to get the audience a financier needs. I feel like that’s been proven wrong time and time again, particularly when you’re looking at the diversity on TV right now. You can tell that’s what people want.

Do you think we’ll get to a place where we can have a tentpole headlined by a gay character — like a gay “Spider-Man”?

That would be amazing. I can’t imagine that would happen next year. But maybe in 10 years.

What can Hollywood do better?

It’s so funny with Caitlyn Jenner, who has been so amazing to watch, how obsessed Hollywood is with the binary gender system. A huge thing before I was out was the dress on the carpet and the heels. It’s like, “This is what you have to do.” There was this pressure to look a certain way and be a kind of femininity, which is not what I identify with. If you see me in a dress I look like an idiot.

Do you still wear dresses on a red carpet?

I have not worn a dress since I came out. I wear suits. It’s made the experience of everything so much better.

How does it feel to be a role model to LGBT teens?

I feel extremely fortunate and humble when I have experiences with LGBT people who come up to me and say how I helped them come out. Those moments are really extraordinary. They are typically really emotional. The biggest feeling I get is gratitude. I totally stayed in the closet, and I felt guilty about it. I was finally able to get out, and that was my life journey. I’m interested in gay issues. It’s natural for that to be a part of my life.

Do you see yourself getting married one day?

Yeah, I’d like that.


Jun 26, 2015
News update for week June 22-27 (Tallulah, Rogue Cut, Peaches)
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Since Monday I had been out of internet and was unable to post news. Instagram and Twitter have been kept updated by my lovely co-admin Cee. I have now posted the latest news below and updated the photo gallery with the most recent social media photos.


June 23, 2015

New cast announcement –
Into the Woods star Tammy Blanchard and Evan Jonigkeit from X-Men: Days of Future Past are joining Ellen Page and Allison Janney in the dramedy Tallulah.

Sian Heder is directing from her screenplay about a free spirit who everybody thinks has kidnapped a baby after she rescues the child from her reckless mother. The project was unveiled during Cannes and has started shooting in New York City.

Zachary Quinto, Uzo Aduba, David Zayas and John Benjamin Hickey round out the cast.


June 25, 2015

The Creators Project spoke to Ellen Page for their exclusive interview with Peaches about her newest book ‘What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches’. A quote below:

I think to see that at 16 when you’re navigating your own sexual desires or your way of identifying the world it was a really inspiring thing to see,” Ellen Page said. “I think that’s what Peaches music and also her shows gifts to people, whether you’re straight or gay or whatever.

Click here for the complete interview.

Rogue Cut
June 26, 2015

There has been a new Kitty Pryde image released and a clip from the behind-the-scenes featurette for X-Men: Days of Future Past – The Rogue Cut, courtesy of Universo X-Men! You can check our Twitter and Instagram for credited content.

Jun 12, 2015
Ellen Page talks to Entertainment Weekly about feeling joy on the set of “Freeheld”
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In this weeks issue of Entertainment Weekly, Ellen speaks out about her upcoming gay-rights film; Freeheld.

First look at Ellen Page and Julianne Moore in the gay-rights drama Freeheld

Recently out Page talks about the joy of her own liberation.

by Joe McGovern

June 12, 2015.

In the fight for equality, sometimes it takes the most heartbreaking stories to move the needle. Such was the case for Laurel Hester, an unassuming police detective whose bravery sparked a crucial turning point for domestic-partner rights in her home state of New Jersey. In 2005 Hester was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer and fought to have her pension benefits left to her domestic partner, Stacie Andree. Same-sex marriage wasn’t yet law in the state, and her request was denied by a five-man board of county representatives known (ironically) as freeholders. But the couple spent Hester’s last weeks battling for an appeal, which they won just before her death in 2006.

Their extraordinary story is the focus of the movie Freeheld (due Oct. 2), starring Julianne Moore as Laurel and Ellen Page as Stacie. Written by Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia) and directed by Peter Sollet (Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist), the film is based on the transcendently moving Oscar-winning 2007 documentary short of the same title. Freeheld also boasts supporting turns from Steve Carell as a New Jersey gay-rights activist, Michael Shannon as Laurel’s straight-laced cop partner, and Josh Charles as one of the freeholders. The film has all the ingredients—stellar cast, social consciousness, huge emotional pull—to place it right in the conversation for next year’s Oscars.

I remember just seeing the trailer for the documentary and I was instantly brought to tears,” says Page, who’s also a producer. “Tremendous love stories between women have been made, of course. Some of them are my favorite movies. But to have a love story that brings up the civil rights issue, in relation to women—that we haven’t seen enough in the forefront.

Page, 28, also acknowledges the happy coincidence that the project went into production months after she came out in 2014. “It got to the point where it didn’t matter what I was doing in my life, there was always this cloud,” she says. “And to be shooting the movie so soon after coming out was some of the most joy I’ve ever felt on a film set, which is a tricky thing to say because we’re telling a story that’s incredibly tragic. But the feeling of being out and playing someone who’s gay, and someone whose courage has allowed me to live my life, that feels amazing. People like Laurel and Stacie are the reason I feel so happy in my life now.


Entertainment Weekly’s LGBT Issue is in stores now, with Laverne Cox on the cover. EW.com

Jun 11, 2015
New photos on set of “Tallulah” June 10&11 – EPD Exclusives (HQs)
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Here we have a good look at the first two days of behind the scenes and on set during the filming of Tallulah!

We have 35+ photos in our Photo Gallery, most of which are exclusive to Ellen Page Daily.



Tallulah is based on a 17 minute short film; also written and directed by Sian Heder. For more information on “Mother” check out: motherthemovie.com.

Jun 9, 2015
Ellen Page has officially started work on “Tallulah”
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Today Ellen has posted 2 photos of her hanging from a wire! She’s in New York preparing for her next film; Tallulah. Filming starts tomorrow. (June 10)

You didn't even need to use the green cups today!! @sianheder flipping out I am so stoked 2 shoot Tallulah with the awesome @allisonbjanney & @sianheder
Via Ellen’s official Twitter and Instagram

Jun 3, 2015
Ellen Page shares a ‘love letter’ to her friend Peaches in “What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches” Out Now
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Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, and Peaches | Photography by Holger Talinski, Courtesy of Akashic Books

In the new book What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches with provocative photos by Holger Talinski (out now from Akashic Books), Peaches comes to life. In this excerpt from the book, actress Ellen Page shares her own special memories of the transgressive cult icon.

I was sixteen when I went to my first Peaches show. I had moved from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where very few major musicians pass through, to Toronto, and the opportunity to see someone who I adored was thrilling. My best friend and I arrived at the Opera House earlier than I have ever shown up for anything. We were going to have our bodies pressed up against that stage, we were going to dance, we were going to get fucking sweaty, and we were going to love it. I remember vividly when the Stranglers’ song “Peaches” came on — “Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches” — signaling that she was about to start. The song, which is only slightly over four minutes, felt like it would never end. Then Peaches came out and I watched what is still to this day one of the best shows I have ever seen. If you have not seen P live, may I express with all of myself that you must. She is ferocious, relentless, sexy, confident, and gives all of herself to her audience.

Now, there is something specific that happened that evening and I want to tell you about it (I have not even told Peaches this story). At a certain point during this concert, P grew very concerned. Her face narrowed, looking as if she was going to lose her balance; she leaned forward, putting her hands on her knees, and attempted to compose herself. Oh no, she’s sick, I thought to myself. Sure enough, she began to dry-heave — suddenly the music had stopped and this poor woman was about to throw up all over the stage. Then she began to vomit, but it was blood that she was spewing all over the audience. The music came back on, everyone was screaming; I had fake blood all over me and my hands in the air, and Peaches grabbed me and ran her hand from my elbow to my wrist, smearing the red liquid along my entire arm.

When the night ended, my friend and I were charged. We did not get on the streetcar and instead walked along Queen Street, adrenaline pumping. We looked at the “blood” all over my arm. We had this artifact. The show was still with us, she was still with us, and I didn’t want to lose that. So I proceeded to do what I could to keep the mark. I would shower with my arm sticking out from the side of the curtain. I am not really sure how long I kept this up for. Not as long as I wish I’d had to really land this story, but definitely for at least a week or two.

Let me stress that I have no other story even remotely like this and feel slightly horrified writing about myself, but I really want to get across my unwavering admiration for this person. Peaches has, without a doubt, been one of the most important musicians in my life. She is more than a musician, thought: She is a true artist, and a prolific one at that. For a sixteen-year-old gay person, she offered something that I could not find elsewhere. A voice that said, Fuck shame, fuck the male-dominated perspectives of sex, fuck gender stereotypes, fuck not embracing your desires, and fuck not owning yourself.

Peaches is radically herself in a way that not many people are. Despite being unapologetically sexual, bold, and aggressive, she instills her work with moments of beautiful vulnerability. There is a moment very close to the end of her film Peaches Does Herself where the camera stays on her while she sings, “I don’t want to lose you,” and this one shot cuts through all of the theatrics and sexual imagery you’ve just seen and hits the heart hard. How does she doe it? I am not sure. I will say that she is one of the most sincere human beings I know, so present, curious, thoughtful, and kind. Perhaps that is the trick. Existing in the world in such a true and honest way leads to work of such integrity.
I guess this is turning into a sort of love letter to Peaches, which is strange because she is a friend, but perhaps this is the only way to tell her how much of an impact she’s had on me and how thankful I am to her and for her. I know there are countless others who feel this way too. Peaches is a person who inspires. A kind of true inspiration that is so very rare. Just like Peaches herself.

What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches is available now.


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