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    Welcome to Ellen Page Daily, your dedicated and most up-to-date fansite for Ellen Page! The 27-year-old Canadian actress is best known for her breakthrough performance in Juno and fantastic films such as The East, Super, Inception, Whip It and Hard Candy. Her latest must-see film X-Men: Days of Future Past is currently in cinemas! We provide you with all the latest news, photos and essential information on Ellen and her career. Thank you for stopping by.
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    • The absolutely gorgeous #EllenPage with @tobyfleischman @hairbyjohnd and @kellybushnovak!
      6 hours ago

      by ellenpage_daily

      The absolutely gorgeous #EllenPage with @tobyfleischman @hairbyjohnd and @kellybushnovak!

    • #Eve, #EllenPage, #DrewBarrymore, and #JulietteLewis at the Whip It Derby Press Event, 2009. © fy-ellenpage.tumblr #whipit #blisscavendar #baberuthless #rollerderby #smashleysimpson #ironmaven #actress #celebrity
      1 day ago

      by ellenpage_daily

      #Eve, #EllenPage, #DrewBarrymore, and #JulietteLewis at the Whip It Derby Press Event, 2009. © fy-ellenpage.tumblr #whipit #blisscavendar #baberuthless #rollerderby #smashleysimpson #ironmaven #actress #celebrity

    • #EllenPage and #ShawnAshmore as #KittyPryde and #BobbyDrake in X-Men: Days of Future Past. We adore this couple so much! © icexcat.tumblr
      1 day ago

      by ellenpage_daily

      #EllenPage and #ShawnAshmore as #KittyPryde and #BobbyDrake in X-Men: Days of Future Past. We adore this couple so much! © icexcat.tumblr

    • 3 days ago

      by ellenpage_daily

      "Love, the beauty of it, the joy of it and yes, even the pain of it, is the most incredible gift to give and to receive as a human being. And we deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise." - #EllenPage © fy-ellenpage.tumblr

    • We totally ship #EllenPage and dogs. ? #puppy #dog #pitbull
      5 days ago

      by ellenpage_daily

      We totally ship #EllenPage and dogs. ? #puppy #dog #pitbull

    • The cutest! #EllenPage #puppy #dog
      5 days ago

      by ellenpage_daily

      The cutest! #EllenPage #puppy #dog

    • 5 days ago

      by ellenpage_daily

      "As a gay person, it’s hard for me to fathom why you would hate me because I am gay, so I hope that the more time goes on, the more people realise that we’re just human beings living our lives and falling in love, which to me is a very beautiful and rare thing, and why would you not want that for someone?” - #EllenPage © fy-ellenpage.tumblr.com

    • Gorgeous #EllenPage photographed by @JUCOPhoto for @OutMagazine's #OUT100! Amazing work, we're so in love!
      6 days ago

      by ellenpage_daily

      Gorgeous #EllenPage photographed by @JUCOPhoto for @OutMagazine's #OUT100! Amazing work, we're so in love!

    • Lovely photo, thanks for sharing @lyndsay63! #EllenPage #JulianneMoore 
Repost from @lyndsay63 with @repostapp:
      7 days ago

      by ellenpage_daily

      Lovely photo, thanks for sharing @lyndsay63! #EllenPage #JulianneMoore Repost from @lyndsay63 with @repostapp: "I was lucky enough to be on the set of Peter Sollett's Freeheld during Julianne Moore's last day...such an incredible experience!!! Thanks Pete! #freeheld #latergram #SHOCK&AWE"

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Nov 11, 2014
[HQ’s] Ellen Page is OUT Magazine’s entertainer of the year and cover star! OUT100


OUT100: Ellen Page


By R. Kurt Osenlund

Entertainer Of The Year

Photography by JUCO | Retouching by Anna Glen at Wet Noodle

On Valentine’s Day this year, Ellen Page came out publicly while giving a gorgeously eloquent speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive conference. It was an act that had been choreographed months in advance by Page, her representation, and HRC president Chad Griffin, who all wanted the revelation to have a more selfless impact than it would if Page were to “say it on Twitter,” as she puts it when we meet at New York’s Bowery Hotel. Before making the announcement that would leave her visibly exhaling in relief, Page offered an anecdote about a Web site that ran an article with a photo of her in sweatpants. The writer, Page explained, asked why such a beauty would insist on dressing that way. “Because I like to be comfortable,” Page told the conference’s enamored attendees.

Taking in the extent of Page’s newfound comfort is invigorating. Beyond the no-fuss clothes she’s wearing today (sneakers, a hoodie, and a cap), she’s noticeably unburdened, and it all seems new for an actress who, despite her vigor on screen, has previously given off a shy vibe in public. “You just feel different in the world,” says the 27-year-old Oscar nominee. “Once you’ve done something that you used to think was impossible, what could ever really scare you again? Even now, press is more enjoyable because I don’t have to have certain conversations. For instance, I’m never going to have to have a conversation about a dress, or heels, ever again.

Netting a Best Actress nod at the age of 20 for Juno, Page was groomed early for the dress-and-heels, red carpet scene. But things were missing from it, including her first girlfriend, whom she’d met shortly before the film’s release, but couldn’t include in its glittering aftermath. “No one’s ever been so direct as to say, ‘You’re gay, so we’re gonna hide it,’ ” Page says. “But there’s an unspoken thing going on. [People] believe it’s the right thing to do for your career. They don’t realize it’s eroding your soul. It was eventually about me being like, Wait, why am I listening to that? At what point did I let those things become important?

For Page, a game-changing moment came not long ago, when she watched TV host (and fellow Canadian) George Stroumboulopoulos chat with Dan Savage, who voiced his steadfast opinion that coming out is a moral imperative. “The way he spoke of it left very little leeway, and it really stuck with me,” Page says. “We all go through a journey and get where we need to be, but I really did start feeling guilty. I kind of felt like an asshole.

Sitting on Page’s lap is a script for Freeheld, a feature-length adaptation of the acclaimed 2007 short, which chronicled the struggles of Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree, a real-life lesbian couple from New Jersey, who, when Hester was diagnosed with terminal cancer, were denied the right of Hester passing on her pension to Andree. Page, who’s both co-producing the film and starring as Andree (Julianne Moore will play Hester), has been developing the project since she was 21.

It’s very direct in showing how discrimination against the LGBT community affects people,” Page says. “There’s no getting around the unfairness that happened here, and just how illogical and almost psychopathic it felt. And it’s so exciting to get to do a love story with the sex that you actually fall for. I’m thrilled about it.

It’s mostly serendipitous that Page came out in the same year Freeheld commenced production, but the movie has, naturally, impacted the way she’s felt about how she presents herself. She’s the latest in a new line of LGBT artists who come out after devoting themselves to meaningful, queer-themed projects, and if you want to label that a fashionable phenomenon, be her guest. “Even if it did become a trend, who cares, right?” Page says. “Let being yourself become a trend.

Photographed at Milk Studios, New York on September 19, 2014

Fashion Director: Grant Woolhead. Styling by Michael Cook. fashion assistant: taja whitted. Set Designer: Greg Garry. Hair: Rheanne White. Makeup: Hung Vanngo. Coat by Emporio Armani.


Nov 7, 2014
Ellen Page wins gold for Best Female Film/TV Actor & Best Halifamous Person! Best of Halifax – The Coast

Best of Halifax 2014 Readers’ Choice City Awards. Ellen came in first place for both Best Female Film/TV Actor and Best Halifamous Person!


Best Halifamous PersonSure, she starred in one of the summer’s superhero juggernaut blockbusters. But what really made our love for Ellen Page shine brighter this year was her courageous coming-out speech back in February. “I’m here today because I am gay,” Page told the attendees at a conference for LGBT youth, saying she hoped her announcement might make a difference for others. “I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission.” As far as an ambassador to the world goes, Halifax could do a lot worse than the talent, thoughtfulness and bravery of our very own Ellen.

Best Female Film/TV ActorOnce again demonstrating her mutant power for box office blockbusters, Ellen Page suited-up again as Kitty Pryde and stood tall against Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman in the money train that was X-Men: Days of Future Past. Page is also trying her hand at producing with next year’s sci-fi drama Into the Forest co-starring Evan Rachel Wood. But our fave Page project this year has to go to her Funny or Die short with Kate Mara, Tiny Detectives.


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Nov 7, 2014
Freeheld wraps today!

Randy Troy, a key set production assistant for Freeheld announced today on Twitter and Instagram that it’s the last day for filming.

Official filming dates for Freeheld are October 2nd to November 7, 2014 with the release of the film looking towards the last months of 2015!

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Nov 7, 2014
Elle Magazine UK – December 2014 (The Feminism Issue)

Ellen is in this month’s issue of Elle UK. The magazine features a small article with one of her many inspiring quotes from her wonderful coming out speech [see post] on Valentine’s Day this year.

The magazine is out now and you can purchase your copy by clicking here, or you can view the article by visiting our photo gallery!

Elle UK - December 2014 Elle UK - December 2014


This edition of ELLE is dedicated to empowered and empowering women, and features the world’s most inspirational women alongside the biggest ever investigation into the lives and experiences of UK women today.

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Nov 7, 2014
Person of the Year: The Finalists


Ellen Page: Shattering the Closet Door

The Advocate’s Person of the Year was revealed yesterday on MSNBC’s The Last Word

There’s coming out, and then there’s really coming out. Ellen Page did the latter, forgoing the Photoshopped People cover and bursting through the closet this year with a ferocity rarely seen.

“I’m here because I’m gay,” the Oscar-nominated Juno actress said on Valentine’s Day to a gathering of LGBT youth at a Las Vegas Human Rights Campaign conference. “I am tired of hiding, and I’m tired of lying by omission. I suffered for years because I was scared to be out. My spirit suffered, my mental health suffered, and my relationships suffered. And I’m standing here today with all of you on the other side of that pain.”

The truth really did set Page free; she instantly embraced her new role as advocate, speaking about her coming out to a variety of media personalities, such as Ellen DeGeneres and the hosts of Good Morning America. She presented the Stephen F. Kolziak GLAAD Media Award to transgender actress Laverne Cox, clearly thrilled with her newfound ability to declare her solidarity with another LGBT hero. GLAAD’s pairing of Page with Cox was on-point, as the two women are both members of a very exclusive club: successful, respected celebrities who aren’t simply out, they’re role models who relish the job.

Page hasn’t signed on to activism full-time, though, as her coming-out hasn’t diminished her star power — in fact, it may have burnished it, thanks to an increased visibility and more resonant voice. After starring in much-loved girl-power movies like Hard Candy, Whip It, and X-Men: Days of Future Past, Page is currently filming the apocalyptic drama Into the Forest with fellow out actress Evan Rachel Wood. Her longtime passion project, Freeheld, is also getting off the ground. The movie tells the story of Laurel Hester (played by Julianne Moore), a dying woman fighting for her pension benefits to be transferred to her partner (Page). 

The 27-year-old is also producing the movie, a project that has the potential to alter mainstream perception of LGBT issues in a monumental way (it’s written by Philadelphia screenwriter Ron Nyswaner, after all). During her big speech in Las Vegas, Page had said, “Maybe I can help others to have an easier time.”

Something tells us her coming-out was just the first page in a story that’s bound to make an easier and easier time for those who follow. — Neal Broverman


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Oct 31, 2014
NAYA: Legend of the Golden Dolphin – The 2010 documentary release date

Back in 2010, Ellen had leant her voice for a documentary called NAYA: Legend of the Golden Dolphin. A beautiful documentary about the dolphins around the world.

Ellen will be the voice of the Dusky Dolphins of New Zealand, the most acrobatic dolphins on Earth, and also tells the story of the Hectors Dolphins, an endangered species.

The release date is set for January 1, 2015.


NAYA: Legend of the Golden Dolphin is an amazing, awe-inspiring, all-ages, true-life documentary unfolding a story of legendary proportions. Experience an adventure like no other on the planet — a spectacular journey under the sea capturing the incredible beauty and staggering you-are-there drama of the dolphins…discover their power, their message to humanity, and the  importance of their survival in this larger than life adventure through the oceans of South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Mozambique, Australia, Bimini, Hawaii & in the Amazon River of Brazil.

Predators hunt them, pollution of their environment endangers them, but these intelligent beings continue to survive as the guardians of the sea.

The film is narrated by a wonderful cast including;
Ellen Page, Kate Winslet, Gerard Butler, Quvenzhane Wallis, Owen Wilson, Megan Fox, Julian Lennon, Diego Luna, Cheech Marin, Whoopi Goldberg, Daryl Hannah, Issabella Rossellini and James Franco.

NAYA: Legend of the Golden Dolphin has an amazing sound track featuring the music of The Rolling Stones (“Beast of Burden”), John Lennon (“Imagine”), The Everly Brothers (“All I Have to Do Is Dream”) K D Lang (“Constant Craving”) & IZ (“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”).


You can watch the trailer below:



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